Hawaii – for a start


Yingjun and Karsten decided to create a blog to share with you some of our impressions, humble thoughts, and light bulb moments that sometimes hit us when we are travelling. Do not expect too much – we are absolute beginners…

We plan to write blog entries in English, German and Chinese (if the system permits) in order to address all our family and friends.

Wir werden den Blog mehrsprachig gestalten, damit für jeden mal etwas dabei ist: Deutsch, Englisch und Chinesisch (sofern die Technik mitspielt).

For a start have a look at one of our favourites:


We took this photo last year on Maui. We had been to a three hour charity concert organized by some of the leading Hawaiian musicians in order to raise funds for the victims of the nuclear catastrophe in Fukushima.This fantastic introduction to the crème de la crème of Hula almost made us forget that less than three months ago Japan had been hit by an earthquake, a tsunami and the most devastating nuclear catastrophe one can imagine.

As a matter of fact, the radioactive fallout reached the Hawaiian islands by air and water. We read one single press report that the ocean, the air and freshwater reservoirs were tested for radioactivity. But the results were never published – in order to prevent any further damage to the tourism sector as the same article stated. Was there a public outcry? No! Nor did we witness any serious local debate on the issue of radioactive contamination and its long term effects. Most people clearly preferred to act like the famous three monkeys.

When we drove back from the concert to our bed & breakfast Peace of Maui we just had to stop by the road for this explosion of colours. Fortunately there was hardly any car on the road, not to mention a school bus…


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